September 2017 – The EIS can be viewed below.


  • Executive Summary
    1. Glossary
    2. Executive Summary

  • EIS Chapters
    1. Introduction
    2. Project Needs and Alternatives
    3. Project Description
    4. Climate
    5. Land
    6. Traffic
    7. Waste Management
    8. Waste Rock
    9. Surface Water
    10. Groundwater
    11. Rehabilitation
    12. Air Quality
    13. Noise and Vibration
    14. Terrestrial Ecology
    15. Aquatic Ecology
    16. Matters of National Environmental Significance
    17. Biosecurity
    18. Cultural Heritage
    19. Social and Economic
    20. Health and Safety
    21. Hazard and Risk
    22. Key Commitments
    23. Draft EA Conditions
    24. References

  • EIS Appendices
  • A1 Approvals
    A2 Standard Criteria
    A3 Soil Survey Results
    A4a Road Impact Assessment
    A4b Geotechnical Assessment
    A5a Water Quality
    A6 Groundwater
    A7 Air Quality Assessment
    A8 Noise Impact Assessment
    A9a Terrestrial Fauna Assessment
    A9b Terrestrial Flora Report
    A9c Ecological Desktop
    A9d Ecological Field Survey Results
    A9e Aquatic Ecology Report
    A9f Stygofauna Survey Results
    A9g Landscape Connectivity Tool Output
    A10a Economic Assessment
    A10b Regional Profiles Residents
    A11 Central Queensland Coal Final Terms of Reference
    A12a Construction EMP
    A12b Operation EMP

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